How to Create Your Own Affiliate Product Review Websites, Without Spending All Your Money

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There’s a lot of requirements needed for making a successful affiliate website. You can find a lot of quality products on for instance ClickBank to put up and promote on your websites. But if this is all new to you we are talking extra costs here also. An autoresponder is essential to have integrated because you will want to build your own mailing list to grow your internet marketing business.

If you have your own product or use a PLR (Private Label Rights) product you want to promote on your site, there can be some technical things you need to know to do it yourself. A lot of us don’t know how to do it ourselves. For instance you will have to know how to implement a payment processor, like Pay Pal. And do you know FTP and how to upload your site to your web hosting account? So this can again mean extra costs for your credit card.

Probably the biggest and most important issue is to have a beautiful looking sales copy that can attract people to eventually buy what you have to offer. I am sure you have seen such a professionally sales page that makes it very difficult to resist what is offered. You have to come up with something similar to have a chance to make the visitors having a difficult time saying no to your offers.

If you would have to pay someone to do the sales copy for you.. well, a copy writer would probably charge maybe from fifteen hundred dollars! And what about the other pages you will need having set up? Theirs is a privacy policy page, a disclaimer page, and maybe an affiliate page if it’s your own product.

So if you need to hire someone to set up any type of for you, in the end you may would have to pay thousands of dollars. But then not a single sale yet! Just think about it.

· What would then be a perfect solution to avoid all this technical stuff and expensive costs?
· What if there was a web-based software that made all this very easy?
· What if you didn’t need to know a thing about html or FTP or other technical difficulties?
· What if you could create an entire professionally looking website in less than 30 minutes?
· And you also got included step-by-step video training on how to get traffic to your sites?


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